Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 1

Needless to say the week did not go as planned at all. Math and grammer got done as well as history and alot of arguing. I have realized that so far I am not liking Easy Grammer at all. I didn't like First Language Lessons or Rod and Staff though so maybe it is just me. I still like Math U See and Winterpromise American History is still great in my opinion. We started reading Naya Nuki and that has been the only thing my younger son doesn't whine and complain about. Skyler is still chugging on with Explode The Code, she is almost done with Book 5.

Next week I will add in spelling, science and some handwriting practice. I have an issue with sloppy handwriting. I grew up in a Catholic school and those nuns were heartless about handwriting. Some people are grammer punks, for me it is all about writing. I feel like once I started public school I had to suffer with the majority of peoples handwriting. I know that is so wrong but it's me that is all I can say!

To make my days go smoother I have started making lunches the night before just like I used to when they were in public school. I will say that has helped so much. If they don't finish it then it goes back into the fridge for later if they get hungry. I don't like doing snack times anymore because they dwell on it and it drives me nuts! The thing I made this week that they liked the most was pizza cup cakes LOL!

I guess this is the part where I say I had fun making them right? OK so I did! It was something different and fun. I am now the proud owner of a cup cake pan too thanks to my mom. I guess she was tired of me borrowing hers!

I never take pictures of regular work as I call it, like math, grammer and all. I do take pics when they make something though! As with every other Winterpromise theme there are alot of projects and we did our fair share this week!

Here they are making a ptolemaic map. We also compared maps of today so they could see the differences. I don't know what I would do without this table! They really spread stuff out during school. They also did some sailors knots. The boys had already done this but other then Fox complaining it was still fun.

This is Skylers Captains Log

Of course the outside is pink!

Here is Foxs map of The First Peoples

I just love his coloring style! They also made Flags from the Christopher Columbus voyage to The New World. So they are learning about the people that were here before us and the Explorers that brought us here. I hope next week goes better. We were suppose to start Magic School today, but with the behavior and attitudes I have gotten this week they will be getting up for regular school in. Hopefully that will prove to them that the fun stuff only happens with good choices!

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