Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 2

The week started out a bit better than the last week, until we got to Thursday that is. On Thursday it all fell apart and the kids wound up sitting at the table for most of the day doing nothing. We did start the state study part of All American by Winterpromise. This week was Maine. We also began using the chemistry in Real Science 4 Kids. The boys and Skyler are on different levels so that took some juggling. So far this school year I like pretty much everything I chose except the grammer. I am just not feeling it, especially Damians level.

This will most likely not go on past this year. I didn't start Winning With Writing yet so hopefully nextt week! We did get a tent that they were very excited to have. I have heard for 3 days that they want to sleep in it. I am so not the out doorsy sort so I am really not feeling that! I kept up making lunch every night for the next day and that went well. I also started giving them 20 minutes of bike riding every 2 hours or so. This is slightly helping to keep them calmer.

Here they are making covers for their state study notebooks.

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Yes, we include God here!!

Skyler is learning observation skills.

Fox doing the Currclick online lego club.

We made a quandrant from the Homeschool In The Woods part of All American.

They really love the tent!!

Blueberry Muffins in honor of Maine

And just in case there are not enough pictures you can go here to see some more!!  Don't forget to check out our first week of Magic School.


  1. The muffins are making me hungry!! We get lots and lots of whining here, and like you we try to keep trekking along. The difference between public school and homeschool is we are they definitely whine at They wouldn't whine at a classroom teacher. I just keep telling me the age old saying, "You just don't know how much you need just don't know. Wait until you are my age." lol...I just aged myself saying

  2. Love your honesty in these weekly wrap ups. I sure do hope things get easier for you and the children stop whining.