Monday, December 19, 2016

Confessions Of A Working Mom

     After being a complete stay at home mother for over a decade, I have went back to work part time. It has been a whirl wind of busy and trying to figure out what works, what don't work and how to get it all done. Now I have a secret to tell all of you. It is a pretty big secret so listen and pay close attention....

     I DO NOT GET IT ALL DONE!!!!! I repeat I do not get it all done. Not even close, not even a little bit not at all. A few months back I saw a friend at Walmart and she totally shocked me by calling me "Supermom". I was riding that high for quite a while. Honestly, I still am. Do I want to get it all done? Of course I do! Do I plan to get it all done? Again, of course. The main question is though, can I get it all done? 

     The answer is no, nobody can and if they say they are they are most likely fibbing. I never managed to get it all done before working, now well I try is about all I am going to say!  I know how to take pretty decent pictures too so that is helpful. I know how to crop out the piles of laundry on the table, or the messy floor!  So, this post is for moms who are thinking there is no way to go back to work! Just some little tricks of the trade I have found along the way and felt I could share. 

     Yep I had to take some pictures! This is my board and I will say it is VERY helpful.

     I try to make it as simple as possible. Not too much for any one kid, short, sweet and to the point of what I expect while I am gone. Please keep in mind my children are 18, 15 and 12. This situation would obviously not work with much younger children. I have always discovered that for my kids keeping it clean is much easier than cleaning it. 

     The nights before I work we all make sure the house (common areas that is) are all picked up. I give them each areas to take care of for that day and any reminders that they may need. I have figured out that leaving them any sort of projects to do is not a good idea at all. They get distracted and trash everything. So for the days I have to work they have their basic school work. Any science project or anything they need to do in that department waits until I get home that afternoon. The school work and all books they will need is left at their spots at the school table. 

  I would also like to give another shout out for Thinking Tree Journals.   These are so helpful in keeping my kids on track and knowing what they are suppose to do. They are just all around a wonderful resource to be using for the mom whose busy days just became super hectic!

      I also am still so pleased with using the planner I printed from It has truly been a life saver for Damian to have his list all ready to go each day. If you have never heard of them do check them out. Beyond the planners they have classes and home school helps and much more than I can even remember. The membership is affordable and the resources are amazing! 


     I also try to call and say hi during the day. Sometimes I also leave a note on what they can or cannot have for lunch. Anything they struggle with they will put to the side for when I get home as well. I have found having everything spelled out for them is a definite need. Leaving them in a relatively clean house is a HUGE help as well. They were a bit disappointed that they wouldn't be getting every day I have to work off, but hey the show must go on so to speak!

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