Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thinking Tree Review!!!!

In the Spring when I was buying the stuff for next year I got Skyler a fun-schooling spelling journal. It is of course by The Thinking Tree!! It is adorably cute as well! They hunt down different numbered words and there is of course coloring and doodling involved. That is right up Skylers alley so I was sold on it! A while after buying a new spelling book came out, Spelling Time. Well I was torn because I loved them both lol. Spelling Time is just amazing. It has geography music instruments and loads of animals! Again right up Skylers alley. We went ahead and started using the fun-schooling spelling journal and tucked away spelling time for the new school year. 

She is having a blast!!

Sometimes she walks around the house for her spelling word hunt other times she uses a spelling type dictionary we got. The book starts out having the child read simple little stories, coloring pictures and letters then fill in the blanks type pages. The artwork is just as cute as can be!! After some of that they get to coloring pages and hunting don words with so many letters. They also get to draw their own pictures. As you see Skyler went a bit further!!

I got to hear all about this carrot! He is so strong and happy! He also loves riding unicorns apparently! She ate carrots twice this week! The Thinking tree books have for sure opened up a creative side for my kids and I am so glad I started using them!!

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