Friday, June 3, 2016

Peek At Our Week!!!

The weather is getting so very hot lately!! We have been sleeping late and not wanting to do anything. Skyler and Fox both started new lessons in their math u see books! YAY!!! Skyler was not too thrilled with finding areas of parallelograms. Once she remembered the two steps though it went much easier. Of course the cat helped. I mean really don't every little girl need a cat to do math with? Stella Luna hasn't grown as much as I thought she would. She was a tiny kitten when we found her. We were at Big Lots and there she was by the door crying her eyes out. She ran right to Skyler and best friends were born. The cashier inside said she had been coming in early that day when a van pulled up and she saw a mans boot kick the poor thing out the side door. Sometimes I hate going to town we always see this. 

Damian is still chugging right along in his journal and math book. He is my kid who hates pics so I gotta sneak those in when I can!!

Damian always gets confused with area and perimeter so he drew some in his journal on the math page to do himself!

Skyler is still set on using the journal for two alongside her funschool spelling book. 

Fox is learning to change mixed fractions into improper fractions and improper into mixed. He said this was one of the easiest things he had done for fractions so far! He is not liking fractions at all. 

As usual he does his school anywhere at all! For pottery this week Skyler got to pick up the bowl she had finished and start making a candle holder. As usual I love how her projects have turned out!!

She also decided that all the dollhouse furniture she already owns is not enough and she needed to make more. This week the house has become a craft space everywhere. Cardboard, sequins, colored tape and felt have taken residence all over the place. And beads a lot of beads too!! 

Happy Week Everyone!!!!!!!

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