Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jurassic Quest

On Fathers Day the girl had a fun day at Jurassic Quest in Orlando. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! We have all always loved dinosaurs. Even my college girl had a blast seeing the larger than life dinos! The park travels so I suggest you check out when they will be near by to go. 

Both girl loved the animatronics the best. They loved seeing them move. The biggest complaint was the heat. The heat has been terrible this year. They were little troopers though getting to see the dinosaurs, fossils,  learn about stuff, and even do some crafts! Yes even my college girl does crafts!!! She lets her guard down when it is family outings like this. She don't have to be the tough older kid she can just be  kid!!

All in all it was an awesome girl versus dinosaur day!!!!!

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