Sunday, September 29, 2013

Welcome Fall! Week 6

This week we are celebrating Fall! Fall is my favorite. Not too hot, not too cold but just right! The framed images come from google image from searching fall subway art. I think they turned out quite pretty. It is also homeschool spirit week! Here is their website and here is their facebook page to tell you all about it! First up is jammie day!

Not quite sure what is up with the hat..she has been wearing it a few days now and don't seem to be wanting to give it up at all. Fox and pajamas have kinda went away as he has gotten older usually it is a pair of lounge type pants with a t-shirt. Skyler still loves jammies! She is my child that will fight me tooth and nail about leaving her childhood! For our Fall study I am using a few different things. Some videos from Amanda Bennet's Fall download and go, ALOT of library books, various free things I have found online, A Journey Through Learning Fall lapbook and the Dynamic Moms free Fall Unit. Just whatever I like out of those things. The first two videos we watched the kids liked but they said were sad. They were kinda a goodbye to summer thing and the kids said the music was really sad.
I figure when all is done I will make a BIG lapbook of everything so I had the kids make a cover for it.

Skyler is the only one who liked hers well enough to post a picture. We are going to turn this into a pretty big study, adding all the holidays and things associated with Fall. We also made a blood cell model today. This was OK I am glad the kids knew what was what and could tell me all about it!

Here is Fox adding the red blood cells. (these are those red hot candies)

Skyler adding white blood cells (dried lima beans) and platelets (sunflower seeds)
Now for the plasma (corn oil)
Here is a side view of their blood cell!
Skyler just had to pose with it. She has already ditched her pj's and now is wearing a fox costume she has for Halloween. Yes she realizes it is over a month away, she had to get in the mood she told me! Tomorrow is school away from home day and I think we will take it to the park! My kids like finding nature goodies and eating outside so it will work out perfect.
On Tuesday we took our school to the park for a picnic lunch and some nature time!
We also took the time to work in their yearbooks they are making.

It is a bunch of printed pages with frames and designs where they add a picture each moth or little drawings that they will work on throughout the year. Should be cute when the year is up!

Math time!

There wasn't many leaves on the ground yet but Skyler started to gather what was there. My kids love leaves.


We saw a lot of little caterpillars traveling along the walkway. Fox was convinced all these leaf skeletons looked like dead fish. I actually kinda agree! My kids have a thing about mushrooms. They have to look at everyone they see. They also love the waterfall that looks like rootbeer. I have been told by a few librarians this is the only natural waterfall in Florida all the rest are man made. Tomorrow is crazy hair day so not quite sure what we are going to do with that one!

Well, I knew Tuesday I was feeling low and by Wednesday I was pretty worthless. For the rest of the week my kids played while I slept. I have heard it is going around, don't you always hear that when you are sick? I really wanted to go and volunteer with the animals and do crazy hair but it just didn't happen. On Friday my daughter still insisted on dressing up for hero day and I did manage to catch a pic!

She looked so cute for the few minutes I was awake!




  1. I love all your daughter's various looks for the week. There is the cool hat, the fox costume, and the super hero costume. I love it! Reminds me of my daughter at that age.

    I hope you are feeling better. We were sick too. It was not fun!

  2. My daughter also loves to live in her pajamas! Hope you're feeling better - it's hard to get things done when you're under the weather!