Friday, September 20, 2013

Weeks 4 and 5

Week 4 and 5 report so just a bit behind! We also took a week break as well. For week 4 the biggest thing we did was to study the brain for science. Instead of using a lot of different stuff I used the Amanda Bennet Download and Go unit for the week. It was also National Waffle Week that week so we started the week off with waffles of course!

 We did a few experiments on the brain. One about brain safety.

The egg that was not protected broke of course.

The egg that was wrapped up didn't break all the way it only cracked a bit. As Fox put it a crack in your head was better than your brains spilled all across the road!

They also did a memory exercise. I put a few things on a plate they looked for one minute then I took it away and had to see how many they could remember. Fox did pretty well with it only forgetting two. It was cool to hear them talk out loud about the plate such and such was next to this and that it's like they were making a picture in their head!

They also made plaster of paris brains to paint each day they learned a new area of the brain, We made these using The Horrible Science Blood Bones and Body Bits.

At the end of the week they had a cute little souvenir!

I think the highlight for Fox was dissecting the brain though. All week long I would ask him questions about what part of the brain does this or that and all I got was I don't remember. Well as soon as he started cutting into it he could tell me all kinds of things. He really is a hands on kid which is so different than me and Skyler, we can read and tell you all about stuff not Fox though he has to see it, touch it, and everything else! I will say right off Skyler had no part in the dissections. I don't force my children to do any of these types of activities. I refused in high school to cut up a frog so I respect their wishes. She did label a diagram of the brain and had to tell me verbally what each area did. She did it all with no issue. Fox has no problems doing these things and obviously learns very well from it.

We also had microscope slides to look at as well.

As he cut off the brain stem he reminded me if it was ever damaged in our bodies we would have no balance!

Onto week 5.

This week was all about the eyes and ears. We also made a squirrel lapbook in honor of the little houseguest that left us. I will make a separate post on that later. Our squirrel Brownie was found in a parking lot a few weeks back and brought to me by another homeschool mom. We all took turns caring for our little friend and then I realized he was just getting too big for any of the cages yet not quite ready to go out on his own. We hooked up with some rehabbers in the area and delivered Brownie to them. Squirrels are not pets but it sure was fun to actually touch, hold and even feed one for a while. It was a bittersweet day for us all. Even Fox cried when we said goodbye. That boy steals my heart he loves all the creatures, even spiders.

So onto our week at school. Skyler is now learning how to read a clock with hands. This is a skill I totally slipped with the boys and then wound up doing it again on Skyler. Thank you for math u see!!

We did some experiments with the eyes and ears this week of course.

By filling up a bottle with water and glitter we learned how your ear keeps you balanced. This idea came for The Magic School Bus Human Body kit.

They spun in circles till they got dizzy!!

We used a tuning fork to hear sound vibrations through our teeth. This came from Blood and Guts book.

We also built a stereoscope from the Blood Bones and Body kit by Horrible Science.

They covered up one eye and tried to play catch! This is also from the Blood and Guts book.

We also dissected an eye which again Fox could tell me all about and Skyler had nothing to do with!

This is the part which I cannot remember its name is only on animals not us. It is the part of the eye that makes it shine  when it is in the dark I guess. I read about it briefly when Fox pulled it out and said, this don't go here! Next week it is all about blood and Fall! I love Fall. It isn't too hot or too cold yet and everything just smells crisp and yummy. So those were our weeks 4 and 5. I have tons more pictures if you would like to see.


  1. What a great two weeks you have had. I did the math-u-see clock with my kids when they were younger. They loved it and still remember it.

  2. How neat - I love the science experiments! The brain dissection looks really neat.

  3. Wow, what an awesome week! From waffles to brains...LOL!!!
    Where did you order your items to dissect?