Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 3 The Fun Week!!!!

This will be our fun week! We are doing the Amanda Bennet Download and Go Pizza Study,  and science. This week in our science it is all about the muscles. So onto Pizza Week and Italy!!

                                                Gotta add some math with pizza!!

They started off with their science by watching The Magic School Bus Flexes Its Muscles. They still like these videos so if they are learning who cares? They even still snuggle up just like when they were so small.

Then onto Italy where we learn all about Italy and its people and pizza of course.

                                                        LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

They learned a lot about the history of Pizza today and Naples, Italy.  They also studied Marco Polo and really enjoyed learning about ancient China. Before our lunch we had to break for some baby squirrel care.

Fox is really good about remembering to care for the little guy. For our lunch today Little Caesars Pizza of course!!

On Tuesday it was more Italy, pizza and muscles! We studied daVinci and Rome the kids like learning about Rome. They also drew like the Mona Lisa LOL! Drawing is not their strong points!

We also used an Italy drawing book and drew the country.

For lunch it was big bagel bites as Fox calls them.

By Wednesday I was kinda tired of pizza but that's OK they are having fun and learning so it is all good. We learned about the muscles in our faces and did some funny face workouts!

We also made candy pizza and they loved it! I am not a big candy person bu it was good and even my parents liked it.

Sugar cookie crust

Look at that Hershey Special Dark pudding! It was so yummy!

There's Fox breaking up some Hershey Bar topping.

Don't that look good? For actual food we had pizza balls

I think besides the rolling out biscuits she enjoyed eating the cheese most of all!.

 The amazing library lady gave Skyler an Italian music CD and she loves it. We are always listening to it. They also learned about Venice and Vivaldi she likes his music too! They also drew gondolas.

Come Thursday they studied yeast, mozzarella cheese, Pisa and Galileo. They liked learning about the Leaning Tower of Pisa and his experiments with gravity. It was pretty neat that Fox remembered learning about him last year when we did some physics activities.

What don't you have rats join you for school while your snuggled in your blanket wearing pj's? We also did a lot with fractions today.

For lunch we had some little frozen pizzas LOL! We were suppose to do an experiment with yeast but I was out so we will make that up tomorrow!

Sadly due to a tendon issue and an all day affair with a doctor office and a hospital school was cancelled on Friday. This is OK as we can make up on Sunday!!

Yep, mean mom! I did make it up on Sunday!

But we did have a make your own pizza lunch party and a fruit pizza for treat.


We even made a small Hawaiian pizza, Devlin and Fox would have none of that!

Strawberry fruit glaze for our pizza sauce it was good!

And here they are enjoying their lunches. They all just put cheese on their pizzas :(

After lunch we watched The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top about volcanoes. Of course we had to have our own and Fox had to have dinosaurs get lava spilled on them!

We then did the experiment about yeast and they had to use their new magnifier.

Well that was our week and it was great! Amanda Bennet really combined every subject around a pizza theme and I think my kids will remember it forever. We also read a ton of books that they really liked, some for fun and some for learning. All in all GREAT WEEK!!!! If you would like to see all the other pictures you can go here




  1. Looks like you all had a terrific week! Thanks for sharing the photos, too - love that volcano with dinosaurs! ;)

    1. Thank you Amanda for taking the time to check us out!!

  2. What a fun week!! I love the Italian theme and all the pizzas you guys made.

  3. Wonderful (and delicious!) lessons! Love all the pizzas you made :)