Friday, October 19, 2012

Week Seven!

This week was pretty decent. We went to the electric comapny for a fieldtrip. That was pretty interesting. They watched alot of demonstrations which the kiddos liked. They seemed to enjoy watching little model people get fired up!

We then came home to use the long ago bought electricity science kit. This is a Target buy from forever ago to be truthful. One of those things I convinced Jack I just had to have and later stuck in a box until I remembered.

The kids had fun hooking all the little doo dads up and making sound and light from a battery and a rubberband. They learned alot about safety and actually so did I. We did the basics this week. The daily learning book, math, grammar etc. I canceled school on Thursday. I haven't been feeling great this week so I needed a down day and a catch up on straightening the house day since we had other stuff going on. We did make punkin seeds as my son calls them so that was great!


  1. Your field trip and hands on activities look fun. We have that same Electricity kit on our shelf. :)