Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 6

The week started out pretty organized! Their workboxes were all full and ready to go! They started Winning With Writing this week. The boys are not liking it at all. They really hate writing but sometimes you just gotta do things you don't wanna do. Skyler is OK with it so far. They started a study of a new painting by John Trumbull. They have continued using their daily learning book and I have started to make them look up their own stuff in it this week. It is full of math charts, grammar rules etc. Maybe if they have to look it up enough they will start to remember it themselves.

On a bike break Fox an over a snake in the road and just had to bring it home to show me!
I do not like snakes but my kids like anything that crawls or lives outside. At first he felt bad that he killed the snake. He also wanted to see the spine lol. People pay alot of money for things to dissect. I figured they could go ahead and use a freebie science activity and let them loose with the dissecting kit. I also printed out a gogle image to follow along. The boys found all the organs! They also found its lunch. After they found that they were not feeling so bad anymore.
My kids are MAJOR frog lovers. They were none to happy to find this little guy in a snakes belly.
They also completed the first activity for Homeschool In The Woods artists study. On Wed. we went to the nature place as my kids call it to get some brochures about our state for their traveler. This place has tons of brochures about Floridas wildlife and nature. It is also right on the river so of course the kids had to go see. A few months back we had major flooding and they were pretty shocked to see that the water has not all went down yet. Some of the walkway by the river is still under.

On Thursady they went to a pumpkin patch/corn maze place. They made new friends they really had a great day

They got to feed and pet some animals.
Look at the bunnys with the tiny ears! I have never seen that before.
Skyler got a pony ride!
She road on a cow train.
The boys were none too happy with this picture moment.
They did go down this big slide. They did like this. I think they are getting past pumpkin patches. I have noticed this year they are really past alot of stuff that I keep pushing them to do. Just not ready to let go of mommas boys yet even though I know that like my older daughter the days are coming.
Damian shot a corn canon. I have never heard of these before but he liked it so thats good.
They liked running the corn maze.
They liked the spook trail best even though they said it could have been way scarier. That is all me. I love horror movies. I grew up with Jason and Freddy like some kids grew up with Leave It To Beaver. Halloween nights were always something amazing to me. We would trick or treat then come back and watch whatever scary movies were on TV. This is also the only holiday that I cannot remember my parents ever fighting. Kind of strange when you think about it. But scary was always amazing to me. The scarier the better. I can still remember haunted houses when I was small enough to fit on my bio dads shoulders. My kids love Halloween too and horror movies and blood lol. I think that the horror industry has ruined alot with the major amount of sex in the movies so sadly my kids don't get too see alot of the new stuff until it is edited for TV which makes for some unhappy kids in my house!
Well, that was our week. It wasn't too bad!



  1. What a great week. Cool on the snake dissection. I am going to check out the Homeschool in the Woods Art study!!

  2. That snake was SO groooooss and COOL! Too fun. My kiddos are froggie lovers and writing haters too!

    Popping in from the workbox group. :)

    ...danielle - Raising Little Rhodies

  3. What a great week! We haven't done a corn maze yet this year. It's on the list to do though :)