Monday, February 29, 2016

MAM Monday!!

     A peek at our MAM Mondays! Math, art and music!!! On Mondays we do our art projects, learn about music and composers as well as play math games. Unfortunately today we had appts. only music and art were done. The kids were so sad! (sarcasm drip drip) We are continuing with our Van Gogh art study using See The Light Sunflowers as well as the Homeschool In The Woods artists activity packs. We are also using Homeschool In The Woods Composer activity pack to learn about composers. We finished our book The Magic Of Music today as well. We are really enjoying all the things we have been using and I cannot wait to see the finished products of all of it!!

     So of course I have plenty of pictures!!

Here they are cutting out the composer cards for their study. It was A LOT of cutting and this time I made them do it their selves. I usually do it for them but today I just wasn't in the mood! Cutting skills are important anyway!

Apparently, Stella Luna (kitten) enjoys cutting skills as well!! Doesn't everyone have a cat to do school with?

Here are some pictures of them during art time. The Sunflowers project is four lessons and they are on lesson 3. I think they are coming along very nicely and I am surprised at the effort the kids have put forth. It helped when I mentioned Aunt Linda wanted them to do it!!

You have to excuse my son, he is going through the I don't have to wear a shirt phase.

Again this is lesson 3 and so far I am very proud!!!!

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