Friday, November 13, 2015

Week 11 and A Field Trip!!!!

So this week I made our math game a bit harder!!! I hid the questions behind the points so the kids couldn't look at them and I added double points to random ones!!!

This week Skyler won!!!! YAY!!!!! She picked a bag of doughnuts as her prize LOL

Not sure what was up with kitty either. She kept hopping on the table stealing pencils!!

Fox decided our dog needed to learn to read as well. He started his new reader this week The Red Badge Of Courage.

We also made laundry soap this week. That should count as home ecc right???

We also started picking our pecans. These things cover my porch and my yard every single fall!!!

Since there are so many states we started Christmas in the USA this week as well. The kiddos wanted to start with Indiana since that is where they were all born.

We are kinda following the Christmas In The USA by Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. I adore here stuff!!!

Instead of making a little tree that could get knocked over by an animal or something we put ours on the wall.. Every state gets a little penguin ornament!!

We went to the Florida Museum of Natural History for their Starry Night program to go along with our Space study. It was beyond amazing. I had so much fun, I am pretty sure they did as well. Of course they had to visit the museum exhibits first including the buttery rain forest. We have never done the butterflies before it was really neat!! As far as Skyler was concerned it was a photo opportunity for the petshops!!

Even dinosaurs love petshops!!!

Butterflies EVERWHERE even on people LOL. I have never seen so many in one place before.

They had neat globes all over showing Florida during different time periods. Fox was very interested in the different globes.

The best part about the museums is always the wonder when they yell, "Mom, look at this"!!! I love it and I ill never get tired of hearing it.

The sloth is always my favorite! Next to mammoths and dinosaurs of course!!

These little petshops are in more pictures than my kids LOL.

As usual Damian was not too picture perky but that is OK. I caught him smiling a few times :)

Now onto the stars!!! It was very very cool. We even got to see a 3D printer in action as well as touch some things from it. I would love a 3D printer LOL They are amazingly cool. Of course Skyler just wanted it cause she dreams of making more petshops.

Making constellations!

Inside the blow up planetariums

It was a space rock!!!

The cosmic tunnel was very cool too!! I only managed one picture since it was soooo dark. I never thought crawling through something could be so fun :) I only wish there hadn't been as long a line so we could have really went slowly and seen everything. That was our week and it was pretty fun!!!

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  1. Awwwww you studied Indiana as your first state! How sweet. :) AND I'm super impressed by your laundry soap making skills!