Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 10 and a field trip!!!

On Monday Math Fox won again. Gonna have to try and make this a bit harder for the kiddos!!! I have been using the math game every week and some daily math word problems from the teachers school house site. Next week we are getting back to using our business math.

This week both kiddos moved up a lesson in math so yay math!!! Fox was very proud that he finished his reader. War Of The Worlds. I am very proud. HE HATES TO READ!!! This is a big deal for him. He seems to like these reader books I managed to find at the warehouse. I am really glad I grabbed one of each!!!

Did I mention it still tickles me to see all of tem at he table! I missed Damian so much when he was at school!!!

We started our space study this week for science so of course we had to add in a Magic School Bus video!! They are a must and Fox and Skyler still like them LOL

We started building our solar system model as well. They will paint each one as they learn about it.

On Saturday we took a field trip to Dudley Farms. My kids really like this place very much. I had mixed up my days I thought this was kids craft day sadly it wasn't. They did have quite a few talented artists out around the place painting so that was still fun to see.

As you can tell from the pictures, Fox was overly excited this day!! I personally think he like Skylers little friend LOL.

We also learned about cane syrup. We learned how it is made where it comes from and such. Fox begged for a bottle so I got him one and he is the only one who likes it. I think it smells like spegheetio's. Blech!!!

Well that was our week!!!

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