Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Week!

     I have really lost count on what week number we are on! My blog has been so messed up not being able to post pictures, not being able to do anything and of course blogger has been ZERO help!!! Messing around I finally figured out something was screwy with the compatibility. Oh well, my blog is now working so I am back!! This is the week after Thanksgiving and our first week doing Christmas Around The World!!!! Our little elf came back too! He for sure arrived in style in his Elf Rocket!!!

Now if you go here this awesome mama made this rocket printable for free!! Took all of 5 minutes to put together, but the smile on my daughters face was just priceless!!!!  Since his arrival we of course got his house out of the shed. He made this house about 2 years ago. We had wondered for days why all the green and red paint kept vanishing!! LOL

He also was attacked by lego men and saved by a Skylander named Hotdog

Skyler said after all that she wanted him safe and sound in her dollhouse for the day

Now onto Christmas Around The World!!!

I made the cutest little suitcases from here.

They were just so very adorable!! By the way this was a freebie too.

Made them each a passport and they will get tickets for where they visit!! The notebook folder will hold all their pages they make for each place and I got stickers for the passports just by googling free passport stickers or flags for whatever country. Now I also bought a study at Teachers Pay Teachers. I bought it because there were printable mini books for a lot of countries and some other ideas but it wasn't a must have just something I liked. You can for sure do a Christmas Around The World for free. Most of the notebooking pages I am using came from this free study. This is awesome as well and it has blogger links to a lot of people who contributed in different places.

And wouldn't you have known of all places at Walmart I found the perfect book for us!!!

We had to have it! Skyler loved it, Fox was ho hum about it but she really enjoyed it. Of course while reading it I changed one of the towns names to our own so that made it even better by her. We then went to Hawaii because they do Christmas a bit different than the rest of the US. We watched a video and learned how to say Merry Christmas in Hawaii!! They really enjoyed that. We made some crafts.

we then went on to Canada. I really couldn't find much in the Christmas in Canada way all I could find were Canada day crafts and coloring pages so they made Canada Day fortune teller.

We then went to Germany on Friday and I think they liked that most of all. We made cute little shoes from a pattern this mamma made. They were so stinking cute!!!

Here they are by morning

I also printed some cards off about St. Nicholas from the St Nicholas website and found a little print out about the pickle tradition in Germany and my mom even found her old pickle from when she was young. We made paper Gingerbread houses that would store in their suitcases.

Hot chocolate with some gingerbread man marshmallows

The unit I bought had some German paperdolls so they had those to add to their suitcases

We also found our little elf in the fridge after he had a night of making some fudge!!

This is our map after the week we have labeled where we learned about. I just used some little Christmas stickers we had to mark the places and Fox put some twine to each place.

It was a pretty fun week. They did all the other school stuff I just didn't bother with pictures of yet another math sheet or whatever. :)

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