Monday, August 12, 2013

Our First Day Back!

My 4th and 6th grader! Don't they look excited? We actually did have a good day. This year is really new for us because my oldest son is now starting high school! He will be in grade 9 and I am so proud of him. We came a long long way together and once upon a time my biggest goal was getting him to sleep in his own bed! Now he is going to face high school and join my daughter Devlin. The years are passing by and I can still remember the first year we did this. It has been an exciting life, I hope I have some more years before these two leave me.

We started off our year with the day books.

The day books are binders with calendars and a lot of resource type stuff, kinda like a mini office. They have all kinds of stuff in there. They use them all the time. It is the go to book for looking stuff up.

Another new thing we added was the CNN Student News. Little 10 minute news clips with what's going on in the world. I guess you would call it current events. We also started sign language. I am using a free website for that. Fox has bugged me for years to learn signing. Every other day we will learn a letter and a word or phrase. Today we learned a and girl.

Seems are little rats wanted to join school too! And of course the cat cannot be forgotten or he will grow up stupid as my son tells me!

We did all he normal school stuff. Math, grammar, writing, spelling and even art. We studied Giotto.

After school we headed off to the river. It looks like root beer!

We found teeny tiny frogs

And a sticky as my little one calls them.

Today was good and I hope they stay that way!

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