Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 2

Well week 2 has come to a close today! We started science this week. You can read all about our science plans here. I felt that it deserved it's on place. This week we had some distractions in the form of behaviors and the car having to get fixed but I still tried to chug along. We also started using Brain Pop and I cannot say enough about that site. I really like Brain Pop and so do my kids! Skyler is still all about Head of the Class as well. She really enjoys that and the fact that it is free well, all the better! We are still doing the flat traveling and state box exchange on the facebook group homeschool swapping adventures. My kids still really love that as well. You can read all about our adventures on that one right here. I tend to get all clustered when there is too much in one place so I like certain things to have their own space so to speak! I know I need to update all the things we are using now and I will get around to that sooner or later anyway lol. Two weeks down thirty something to go!

We worked on newspapers this week. Talking about what they were and everything. They also made some of their own personal newspapers as well. This picture is Skyler working on hers! Notice her hair is pulled into a pony that is a major big deal as she hates piggie tales but I am so tired of her hair in her face!

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