Monday, August 29, 2011

Our first day back!!

Today was our first day back at school! YAY!! I have come to the conclusion I hate breaks. There is too much time for nothing and they wind up driving me insane. I really truly wonder how I used to deal with summer vacations when they went to school. Oh, I just remembered, they went to daycare and I was at work or school. I miss those days sometimes. I miss college. I did well there and actual adults cared what I had to say. I do love being with my kids though so I know I got the better part but at times I do miss adult interaction. Anyway today started off a bit rough for Fox. He is my"difficult" child. We all have one of those, right?

We strted our day off with the new morning board I have put together. Calendar, weather our phone number and address as it seems I had neglected to make points of those since we moved! What basic stuff we overlook when worried about everything else! They liked the morning board and especially the temp. chart. We have a clock in the house that tells the temp and a gauge outside so it was fun for them to compare the difference. We also made it the first day using our workboxes and schedule strips. I am in love with this by the way.
It was so wonderful to not hear, "Mom how much more work?" I hate hearing that all day. This way they can just see exactly what is going on each day and they have it all figured out! They liked having everything in their baskets to as far as pencils, crayons and such. They did their work, asked for help when needed and it went pretty good for a first day. As a special little treay they had fun boxes at the end of their schedule.
The boys had airplanes to build and paint and Skyler Bay got a mini glass tea set. It was a fun little extra for their first day and they really enjoyed it. Now if I can get Fox to keep his glasses on tomorrow then it will be even better!! We also decided that this year we want to have a 100 day party to celebrate 100 days. If you would like to see any more pics of our first day please go here.

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