Sunday, June 5, 2011

We dissected a shark

This is the first dissection we have ever done. I allowed it to be totally child-led with them just being curious asking their questions instead of worrying so much about "the lesson". If upu would like to see more graphic images you can go here. Keep in mind they are graphic so don't look if it will freak you out. As you see in the second picture the sharks tail was snapped. In the Fall we will be doing Human Body and dissecting a sheeps brain, cows eye, pigs heart and a sheeps kidney. I felt this was a good kick off to get them interested in it. My youngest Skyler was not too thrilled to see the shark had an eye. It really seemed to bother her. I think they will all do better with single organs though. If not then we can still say it was done during their schooling!

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