Friday, June 3, 2011


This past weekend I took the kids to Stephen Foster Cultural Center. Stephen Foster wrote the state song for FL as well as many others.
The song, "The Swanee River (Old Folks At Home)", words and music by Stephen C. Foster, was adopted as the official state song of Florida on May 25, 1935. The kids had alot of fun touring all the dioramas.

 The artwork is almost all Christy Paintings depicting the songs written and composed by Stephen Foster, The dioramas also are depicting his music.
This is a piano that Stephen Foster played that my beautiful little girl Skyler and my little guy Fox is standing in front of. Yes I know they are very photogenic. The race car in the back ground is part of our United States geography that we are doing called flat traveling.

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  1. Hi there and thanks for visiting our blog! We live in Florida too! We do live closer to the beach though- about 15 min. away. Thanks for sharing your field trip photos- we have never been there before but it looks like a fun place to visit!