Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week 7

This week has been pretty full I would say. It has kinda been a catch up week to say the least though. I bought the boys Sea and Sky by Winterpromise to use this year and it has gotten such a rocky start. A few weeks back I decided that I bought this I paid alot of money (as most of you know Winterpromise is expensive) and it was gonna get used. A week into our schooling a tree feel on the house and caused some damage. Yes that was well over a month ago but it seemed as if it took forever to recover. The kids just could not concentrate on school with people working in the house, the rearanging of things after we had worked so hard getting it perfect from moving in and then there was the mom factor. Yes me I admit it. I took forever because frankly the tree falling just summed up the whole moving, extra work type woes and I was just plain worn out. But we are finding our place back and so far so good. The kids are loving the Nature Studies and crafts we have added in our schooling so that has been awesome. I am loving it myself I must say. If you get a chance go see the Nature Blog I set up cause I am pretty proud of it! OK back to our week now.
The boys have worked on Lesson 8 in Learning Language Arts Through Literature.
Copywork of a poem was done. For grammer they did contractions, apostrophes, syllables and alphabetical order of names.
Phonics was learning the sound of le at the end of words as well as working in their Into Reading books. Fox is working on the first book that starts with basic sounds, rhymes, beginning middle, ending sound and letter practice. Yes I agree this should be below him but for some reason he likes to tell people he can't read so I decided to use this book basically to remind him with extra work. Damian is using book 2 which concentrates more or consanant blends such as sh, ch, and th that sort of thing. There is also stories he reads and has to answer the questions. I believe this will help him learn more reading on his own type thing and of course comprehension.
Handwriting this week is the cursive letters m and n both lower case. Neither boy likes cursive but I think it is important.
Spelling was the different sounds of ou with words like through. group, mouth and count. You get the point. Damian is catching on so wonderfully his reading is really getting there, Fox fights it so hard it makes me sad because I know what a smart little guy he is. They did their daily work in teaching textbooks for math and this week I added some RightStart card games. They need some reminding of their facts.
History and geography was catch up with placing figures in their timeline books, and notebook pages on parts of a ship and making some signal flags. The also made a map of Ancient Rome for early sea travel  and started workbooks on maps from their Sea and Sky set. As far as science well that was mostly outside nature work that is on the other blog so I won't post it all over. But it was fun.
As for Skyler
She started math drills this week and had her very first test and aced it!!!! YIPEEE I am not proud, not at all!! She is also starting less than and greater than and doing well. She worked in her Explode the Code book 1 quite a bit this week. She is really taking off there.
For Learning Language Arts Through Literature Part 2 Lesson 3
She made a book and drew pictures to go along with the story and talked more about the illustrator. Her sight words this week were-here, is, big, little, I and are. We practiced writing those as well. She istracing 3 word sentences and copying them. We retold stories she liked by looking at pictures and I am thinking of a possible word wall for her sight word cards. As far as her science besides the nature stuff she wanted to study plants from her Our Fathers World science so we did more of that this week and yep you guessed, it is over on the nature blog LOL. I think the highlight of the week is Fox discovering audio books at the library. I hated the things as a child so I have never really had any. Well he has a new habit that he loves, especially in the car.  Well here are some highlights in pictures to see more pics you can go here as everyone knows how much I love my camera lol, and I hope everyone else had a wonderful week!!!!

I truly love when they can all be at the table peaceful lol

Damian and his timeline book. Yes it is Winterpromise

Fox making his map

Skyler finished Light unit 1 and took her test!!

she aced her first test I am so proud


  1. My kids all love audiobooks! Daisy checks out one each week from the library and listens to it at bedtime. The older two actually own their favorites and have the stories on their iPods :)

  2. We loved Sea&Sky- definitely use it!

  3. Glad you're getting out from under that tree and into the Sea & Sky! :)

    Love audio books here! Just finished Old Yeller -- didn't like having to read it in school but it sure was a good story to listen to as an adult!


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