Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Skyler is changing

While this is shocking to most we are dropping Animal And Their Worlds by Winterpromise. While we are not using the newer updated 2010 set we are using the older set and it is not working. The majority of the activity resources are alphabet based and well she is passed that. She cannot stand the Animal Encyclopedia and to be honest I can't either because well, it reads like an encyclopedia and really who wants to read that?? Not us. I have the resources for the pre k-gr 1 and I will have to say that it is really pre-kish is the activities. I also realize I do not like reading Beverly Cleary out loud. I loved her as a child but as a read aloud not so much and my daughter has to struggle to pay attention so that is no good. I have no idea about the newer updated program for Animals and Their Worlds but I know I am not buying it. We had an Our Father's World Science for 1st grade and we are going on with that at this time. We are not doing the book in order exactly but picking topics as she is interested in them and adding experimants and most likely lapbooks as she really enjoys them. The topic she has picked first is Plants so we started on that by reading some of the chapter and a Magic School Bus book and starting a little plant. If you would like to see more on that topic please visit our nature stuff blog.

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