Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jr. Blacksmith Class for the boys!!

Today the boys took a Jr. Blacksmith Class at Stephen Foster Cultural center.    They had a BLAST!!! Fox has been running around all day shaking everyones hand blacksmith style. They loved actually using real tools and heating the metal. Their teacher was a great retired math teacher/engineer and they had alot of fun with him. The whole center is just wonderful and HUGE. The museum was wonderful and beautiful. Fox loved the dioramas and Damian really liked the huge paintings. All in all it was a great morning and the boys happily showed off their hooks to anyone who would look at them. Of course Damian once again gave his up to baby sister Skyler because that is just the little boy he is, always thinking if baby sister didn't get something. He is so sweet with her!!!

The boys had a blast and they loved getting a "diploma" as Fox called it lol.

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity! Looks like great fun.