Monday, January 3, 2011

Our first day with workboxes

I still love posting on my new blog! I once again thank Kyla for all her hard work and if anyone gets a chance please go check out her new design blog. (Why yes, that is a shameless plug for a great and talented friend) :)

Today, our first day using our workboxes. Take a breath a deep one, I said silently ALLLLLL day long I believe. I started simple. This is our first week back so we are just doing math and language arts so we don't get overwhelmed. I am trying to kill the Mom, what do I do now? question. They have an assignment folder with cards that I write the assignments on and then they have file boxes where their work is. They seemed to do OK with this sorta... They are not liking doing it on their own and well, what do I expect I have always hand held them and it has become a real problem. I just can't sit there anymore. I guess the issues I had were normal though coming back from break. No one was in the mood to get to work. No one wanted to try anything new. I will have to keep at it, have patience and be consistent. Skyler did not start using her boxes today as she is acting like she is getting sick. She managed through her math and language arts but I pretty much sat  there with her. It was an OK day it will get better and after all this I know the outcome will be good.

One major goal for the day was to keep the glasses on their faces!!! I succeeded in that one. As soon as school was over though they were wasting no time taking them off.

The inside of one of the boys assignment folder


  1. Looks wonderful, we love our workboxes, just stay with it. One way to help them like it is to throw some fun activity in it as well. The reason we started workboxes sounds very similar no independance! It has been wonderful!! Love my workboxes!

  2. We just started work boxes as well! So far my oldest loves it, but my youngest doesn't.

  3. I'm so glad you like your blog! I really enjoyed doing it!

    We use workboxes and the girls actually enjoy them...I'm the one with the problem. I have a hard time keeping them filled. I totally agree with having a "fun box". One of my girls favorite boxes are their snack box. I switch it up so they don't know what box it will be in. They haven't figured out yet that the boxes are clear and they could probably see right through them if they bent down and tried!! Looks like you did a great job! I really like your assignment folder...I think I need one of those...for me!!

  4. I am starting a new system tomorrow with folders for our workboxes. Very nervous to see how it goes. Thanks for posting a uplifting note for my daughter's lap book she is so happy with herself:) Don't forget to link up to the No Ordinary Blog Hop (NOBH) this month.

  5. The blog looks great!
    Janet W

  6. I like your idea of the folder with the cards for each "workbox" assignment. Are the assignment cards laminated so you can reuse them?

  7. do you have printables of the assignment folder and the assignment sheets. that is a wonderful idea.