Thursday, October 28, 2010

We did some school this week... WEEK 5

  We started our week off with math. I try to get that done first thing every morning. The boys started this week with lesson 16 in their teaching textbook. I am really loving this program and the boys seem better with it. Skyler is on lesson 13 with her math and not grasping place value very well. We are working on it. I got her a set of place value blocks off ebay that we have been trying to use as a visual but she is still kinda lost. The boys are on lesson 5 in their Learning Language Arts Through Literature so they are plugging along. This week is review for spelling so hopefully they do well with that. It generally takes a week to complete each lesson. Skyler has just finished lesson 2 in her Learning Language Arts Through Literature and she got her first patch on her reading sheet for reading a little book all by herself. YAY Skyler. Tomorrow she will begin Lesson 3. Skyler started her Artistic Pursuits today and seemed to really enjoy that. I am thinking of adding an artist notebooking page for each artist they mention each week. I hopefully will get the boys art started this week as well. As far as science goes for today that is all on my nature blog. The boys started their study of Africa with a Download and Go from The Old Schoolhouse Magizine. I like it so far I am not sure if Skyler will do this I think she would get more out of that in maybe another year.
Skyler with her first little I can read by myself book! Yay Skyler.

Skyler and her picture for art

Fox and Damian working on their Download and Go Africa study

close up of Damian defining a continent

Well that is all for Monday hopefully I get this done each day so I can post my weekly report on Friday !!! Well sadly it didn't get done each day lol. That is all right our week was pretty normal for the rest. Math, language arts that sort of thing. We did do alot on the nature side so I am pretty sure that can be considered science. I am still trying to figure out how I can make the whole workbox method work I just can't wrap my brain around it. I made some workboxes and now I really just can't figure out what to do with them. I also don't think I like the cards I had decided to use because they seem like alot of work constantly writing the assignments on them. While my set-up is not like Sue Patricks it seemed more space saving then hers with having three kids. My set up is file boxes and assignment folders. I will just have to think some more on it I suppose. We had alot of fun though with the nature stuff! I would say that was the highlight of the week. Skyler found a giant pine cone and leaf. Fox had fun doing what he loves the most, being outside and being free. Damian is learning to like outside all over again so that has been great to get him away from the computer and video games. So it's been good. Next week we will start over with Sea and Sky and Animals and Their Worlds from Winterpromise. Life has just been hectic and that got thrown to the side and now that it is all getting calmer and a bit more organized I am hoping it works out cause I really love Winterpromise!

Each child has a file box with 12 folders. Their pictures are check in check out cards.

These are the assignment folders inside there is 12 pockets for assignments

Assignment cards that I am rethinking writing all this out every day is going to be a big time consumer.


  1. Wow, it looks like you put a lot of work into those workbox/ file system. We did S&S and Animals and Their Worlds a couple of years ago. It was on eof my favorite hs years.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following back. Looking forward to reading your blog:)

  3. I'll be back to see how your Download N Go Africa goes. I'm thinking of using the series.
    Janet W